The quality of the product for a brand FIXED is decisive. We try to ensure by a thorough testing, especially with our own development and manufacturing. Our sewing manufactory is located in Prostejov and here in a city with a long clothing tradition the modern, practical and highly durable cases for phones, tablets and notebooks are being made.

And what is the advantage of our own manufacturing?

And what is the advantage of our own manufacturing?

The principle is a precise hand work and the selection of a high quality material. Each product manufacturing is a complicated process, which begins in couple of phases, for example: large format preparation, presswork, segment cut, logo making, sewing, wiping etc. Every product goes through up to 10 people which contain many inspections before the product is released for dispatch.

Our own development

There is a team of designers working on a case development. They make sure the case are not only practical and functional, but also modern and stylish. They draw the inspiration from daily needs of life and new trends as well.

We believe, not only resellers will value it but our customers as well.

Our own development


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