Perfection in every stitch

We create every handmade case with great care. The design, the leather preparation, the cut, the careful sewing and the thorough inspection. This is how a perfect product with the scent of genuine leather is made.

Quality with no compromises

We stand firmly behind our products. We have been making FIXED cases for many years and each and every one of them has found its satisfied customer. Thanks to quality materials, handmade production and careful inspection, our Prostějov cases are the top among leather accessories for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other important belongings.

Premium materials

We have chosen the highest quality Italian Torcello leather from certified suppliers for our cases. Thanks to the properties of genuine leather, the case does not age, but matures. Over time, it acquires a unique patina and each piece becomes an original accessory that will make you happy for many years to come.

Czech handmade production

For us, quality comes first. We are glad that our cases are made entirely in the Czech Republic under the hands of experienced tailors. A quality case deserves care during production. The difference from standard cases can be seen at first glance.

Perfect inspection

We stand firmly behind every single case that leaves our Prostějov workshop. You can be sure that our case will never let you down. We carefully inspect the finished case, wrap it in recyclable packaging and only then does it go to our customers.

The leather matures

  • Leather is a natural material and has its imperfections, but this is what makes each product completely unique.
  • Over time and with use, each product adapts to its contents, just like leather shoes stretch and adapt to your feet as you wear them.
  • Only the highest quality leather will develop the specific patina that leather lovers seek and which gives each product its soul.

Quite simply, our leather products live your story and will keep you company for years to come.

Leather care

  • To make your leather products last as long as possible, you need to take care of them
  • It is a good idea to wipe the leather regularly with a soft cloth or brush – this will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the surface
  • Do not leave your leather products closed in unventilated places for long periods of time, and do not leave them in direct sunlight
  • If your product gets wet, do not dry it with heat, it could dry out and crack, just dry it with a towel or cloth.
  • Periodically, at least once a year, moisturize and rub the leather with a product designed for this purpose.

With these simple steps, your products will become almost immortal.

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