The FIXED brand brings innovative solutions for smartphones and tablets to the market. FIXED brand products excel in practicality and are developed with an emphasis on quality and ease of use. Scroll down to find out more.

FIXED Timeline

Historical milestones on the timeline from the founding of the company to the present.

Founding of the company

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First cooperation with a retail chain

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First Bluetooth product

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CELLY distribution

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First handsfree device

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Opening of moto segment

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Cooperation with ElectroWorld

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Touratech distribution

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Specialist in planograms

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Specializing in accessories

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Cooperation with

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Establishment of RECALL Slovakia

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Czech hand made

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Origin of the FIXED brand

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1st generation smart locator

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Focus on FIXED

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Launch of the first FIXED Smile locator

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European Design Award

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CES Las Vegas

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Admission to the stock exchange

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The Havner brothers and their partner Radek Douda found the company s.r.o. and literally from the garage they started doing business with mobile phone accessories. The history of RECALL s.r.o., the predecessor of the current a.s. RECALL s.r.o. begins with the distribution of the FONTASTIC brand.

The first distribution in cooperation with the retail chain, GLOBUS.

Introduction of the first products with Bluetooth technology on the Czech market

The beginning of the successful distribution of the Italian brand CELLY

SUPERTOOTH brand distribution and the first handsfree on car screens.

Launch of GEOSAT navigation sales, key collaboration with CORADIA, an accessories specialist


Start of activities in the motorcycle segment with Supertooth Moto products – later renamed Interphone.

Start of Mio navigation sales

Beginning of cooperation with the electrospecialist – the ElectroWorld chain.

The first exhibition Motorcycle with Intercom Interphone.

Commencement of cooperation with the distributor of the Touratech brand.

Interphone sales support

Start delivering customers a unique category management service. Creation of complete planograms for partners.

Termination of navigation sales. Complete specialization in accessories.

New information system, 3rd generation modern B2B online system, cooperation with

Establishment of merchandising department. Sales of accessories as a personalised service

Establishment of a branch in Slovakia.

Collaboration with Datart, Expert. In 2013, we are already distributors of 40 world brands of accessories.

Strategic purchase of a sewing workshop in Prostějov, Czech Republic. This is where history literally begins to sew. We become manufacturers of hand-sewn leather cases. Despite the difficulties, we have always believed in handicrafts and consider it our family silver.

Cooperation with

We move forward with the ambition to build our own brand. The first FIXED products see the light of day. From the position of a successful distributor, we are moving to the position of innovator, creator, developer and manufacturer of our own brand.

Cooperation with the mobile operator O2

We believe in smart technology. We started writing history in the SMART category by the development of the first generation locator.

Specializing on our FIXED brand. We reduced the distribution of brands, we focus on our own brand FIXED.

Beginning of FIXED Buddy development. Design of custom ICON car holders.

The FIXED ICON holder receives the European Design Award.

2nd generation FIXED Smile, end of CELLY distribution. FIXED becomes the main brand in the portfolio.

Establishment of the export department, the first IFA Berlin exhibition.

Marketplaces and D2C projects are created. Introduction of a new FIXED brand identity.

RECALL s.r.o. after twenty successful years, it changes into the company a.s and officially enters the Prague Stock Exchange Start.

The export department is starting to open up new markets.

New website.

FIXED in numbers

Take a look at the historical growth of our company in the charts.

Turnover development

Total turnover in CZK

Number of employees

As the company grows, the number of employees grows

FIXED team

The company currently has 83 permanent employees. Here you will find contacts for some of them.

Radek Douda

Back office director and chairman of the board

Daniel Havner

Sales director and board member

Jan Moravec

CEO and board member

Marek Havner

Key account manager and board member

František Posekaný

IS and logistics administrator

Jiří Král

Asset manager

Michaela Šabacká


Klára Budíčková


Dita Hošnová Siegerthová


Andrea Mandžukova


Jitka Matějů

Sales Department Assistant

Kristina Hradilová

Assistant mngmt.

Pavlína Šachlová

Chief Accountant

Lenka Čermáková

Payroll clerk

Aneta Sudová


Veronika Čeňková

Accounting Assistant

Anna Oklešťková

HR coordinator

Daniel Jungbauer

Head of Sales team

Marek Havner

Key account manager

Jan Salaba

Key account manager

Jakub Dušek

Key account manager

Jan Holotík

Key account manager

Jiří Macháček

Key account manager

Marek Smolík

Export manager

Vilém Otruba

Sales manager OLK, MSK, PAK, LBK, HKK

Petr Kroupa

SIM card business manager

Nicol Tran

Sales manager JHČ, VYS, JHM, ZLK

Jakub Slezák

Sales Manager Prague, STČ

Josef Šurý

Sales Manager PLK, KVK, LBK, STČ

Robin Augusta

SIM card distributor

Marek Wágner

SIM card distributor

Bc. Jan Míl

SIM card distributor

Hana Hájková

SIM card distributor

Zuzana Šmejkalová

SIM card distributor

Marcel Leszczuk

SIM card distributor

Adam Krettek

SIM card distributor

Michal Gajdoš

SIM card distributor

Josef Dyrynk

SIM card distributor

Martina Hollomotzová

Area sales manager

Ivan Škop

Head of Product Department

Jaroslav Hulík

Product manager

Lucie Dvořáková

Product manager

Pavel Válek

Product manager

Jitka Podlešáková

Product developer

Barbora Zemanová

Product manager

Martin Kubáč

Head of Marketing

Michal Volek

Head of merchandising

Alžběta Kropáčková

Marketing specialist

Michal Pavlík

Ecommerce management, merchandising

Lucie Helebrantová


Jaromír Ondra

Graphics, product photography

Václav Taušek

Marketing specialist

Andrej Sitár


Anna Oklešťková

Marketing specialist

Michal Šrefl

Marketing specialist

Michal Němec

Marketing specialist

Pavel Jašek

Head of the Complaints Department

Marie Vaňková

Complaints Department Technician

Radek Sekyra

Complaints Department Technician

Jan Nirnberg

Customer support

Kateřina Leštinová

Customer support

Pavel Jašek

Warehouse manager

Monika Hofmannová


Jana Srbová


Dušan Mikeš

Key account manager

Alexandra Gottwaldová

Assistant, accountant

Ján Ledzényi

Business manager

Martin Zelenák


FIXED in the world

Czech republic