Tips for Christmas gifts

Tips for Christmas gifts

Have you bought new smartphone as a Christmas gift and you wonder what else to buy? Or you just look for better protection for your smartphone? Good Christmas gift can be a handmade case, powerbank or other accessories for mobile phones. We have got 4 hot tips for this Christmas.

1. One of the recent top selling product is True Wireless Headphones and unique Fixed Boom Wireless Headphones will definitely be perfect Christmas gift. With a practical fast charging case, you will not lose the headset and you can recharge it wherever you are. You don't have to worry about short range, the connection is exceptionally stable and the battery can last for up to 4 hours. Comfortable ergonomic headphones are the right choice for athletes, drivers (possible use as a hands-free) and above all for every music lover.

2. You can't make a mistake if you give a powerbank as a Christmas gift. But which one to choose? The most important for power bank selection is connector type, capacity and charge rate. The latest PowerBank Fixed ZEN Power have a microUSB connector as well as 2x USB output. There is no problem recharging any mobile device, smart watch, bluetooth speaker, etc. Also the very thin PowerBank Fixed Zen Slim has all the three most common outputs and reductions (Lightning, microUSB and USB-C). The same power bank can be used with different devices. You can choose the power banks with different capacity according to your needs (6,8,12 thous.mAh). In addition, thanks to Rapid Charge technology, your device is always charged faster than common powerbanks and chargers.

3. Want to make your forgetful friends happy? Anyone who can’t regularly find keys or lost wallet will surely appreciate Fixed Smile. This clever bluetooth device shows you the last recorded location of everything you care about.

4. If you want to shine with your Christmas gift, buy Czech handmade cases Fixed FIT Shine. The cases are made of high-quality synthetic leather in luxurious metallic colors with a special glittering effect. The front part, protecting the display, is magnetically locked, and inside there are 2 pockets, one smaller for credit cards and the other one is for banknotes. Precision handmade, stylish design and sufficient protection for your smartphone. All mentioned you can have with the case Shine.

But you can choose from other attractive products as well. High-quality tempered 3D glasses, Original cases Soft Slim with 'Dušinky' or a new Mesh collection, indispensable self-sticks or practical magnetic car holders, all under the Fixed brand.



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