True Wireless earphones Fixed Boom

True Wireless earphones Fixed Boom

Today, wireless earphones are quite common. The most of new smartphones do not have a 3.5mm jack input anymore, so the wireless earphones are needed. Although you can always use a reduction, maximum comfort is the most important today and nobody wants to be bothered with cables.

And what does True Wireless really mean?

Beside classical wireless headphones, the True wireless are with two single modules that can be used separately and are not connected to each other with any cable.

When selecting Wireless headphones, you should focus on durability, connection stability and, above all, sound quality. The sound should be crystal clear, just perfect.

Earphones for everyone

What is really important with True Wireless Earphones is their convenience and ergonomics. Because the earphones (modules) are not connected to each other, there is a theoretically higher probability that one module may fall to the ground where you will be looking for it. But this won’t happen with The Fixed Boom earphones. These are ergonomically designed and are equipped with 2 sizes of silicone plug with a loop suitable for sports as well. While running or doing other activities, you stay constantly in contact with your surroundings and the earplugs are perfectly comfortable. The third plugs in the package are designed to cut off noise around you so you can enjoy just the perfect sound of the Fixed Boom earphones.

Charge and not lose

Another useful thing is a rechargeable battery case with a built-in battery. Wearing earphones in your pockets is usually not the best idea. With practical case, you will not lose the earphones and you can recharge them easily wherever you go. The earphones have no connector, so just put them into the case which is recharging at the same time. The fully-charged Boom earphones will last for 4 hours, and with the use of rechargeable case much longer. The capacity of the case is up to 10 hours. The case can recharge the earphones more than 2 times. In addition, the Boom earphones supports fast charging, so you can charge 80% of the battery capacity in just 1 hour. You can recharge the case easily using the microUSB cable then.

Music lovers appreciate

Unlike most other competing products that contain only a 6 to 8mm audio converter, the Boom earphones are equipped with a 14mm audio converter. This ensures excellent sound quality. The earphones also include an integrated subwoofer, which significantly boosts the bass line. Therefore you can enjoy listening of perfect bass music.

Perfect stability and other benefits

Thanks to special integrated antenna, the connection between the smartphone and the earphones is exceptionally stable. You do not need to be afraid of frequent interruptions or short-range interference like other wireless headsets, so you can enjoy undisturbed freedom without cables. The earphones always connect your smartphone automatically after taking them from the case and turn off and charge after putting them in the case. As the earphones are single units, you can use them separately. The left earpiece (modul) features a built-in microphone for convenient calling, so you can also use it as a hands-free while driving a car.



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