With Czech quality and original design

With Czech quality and original design

New concept of tradition

The traditional Czech products that look good and last long almost disappeared in recent decades. We decided to use the potential of the manufactory in Prostejov and return some of the original production to the city with a long tradition. We have been producing cases for mobile phones, tablets and laptops under brand FIXED for a couple of years. We put precise handwork and modern elements of recent time to each piece of our products.

Made of high quality materials and originally designed

We have been cooperating only with suppliers of quality and fashionable materials. These suppliers are already familiar with our needs and do their best to respond with maximum flexibility to our demands. They regularly visit the biggest European trade fairs (such as Lineapelle Milano), where they are looking for new high-quality and fresh materials. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we use both natural and artificial materials, mostly from Italy or Spain. The most of used materials are from Italian manufacturers who fit our idea of quality and current market demand. We only buy the leather of the highest quality (so-called leather selection), but we also buy various types of artificial leather - monochromatic, with different effects such as metallic or synthetic leather with printing. The original motives printed on artificial leather are made only for us. We have our own designers who work according to the current trends and create unique motives. Recently, we are also inspired by our own customers who can participate in selection of the motives themselves. Thanks to this, we have a constant insight into what people like and what is currently trendy.

How does it actually print on the artificial leather?

Basic white artificial leather is produced at first, then it is printed with our motive, the selected pattern is embossed, and finally surface treatment is applied to ensure a longer life of the material. The treated material was tested for abrasion resistance and resistance to repeated bending in the ITC laboratory in Zlin.

Sewed with love

Each produced piece is original and passes an average of the 7 people’s hands. In the production, we pay high attention on quality and precision. The cases are manufactured by 23 professional seamstresses and workers, who must be very careful, because every stitch and detail is visible on the product. Without the joy of doing the good work, these products could not be done.

From Prostejov manufacture to the whole country

We produce an average of 500 pcs per day, it was almost 127 thousand pieces in the last year. And what are the best sellers? It is definitely leather cases Fixed Sarif, Soft Slim or for example book cases Fixed FIT, which absorb shocks well and are very practical and stylish. Into the popular printed cases belongs Soft Slim with Dusinky or Soft Slim Elements with unique designs. The latest innovations are metallic cases Fixed Shine, which we'll focus on in the following separate article. Our products get to our customers through the biggest e-shops, retail stores and small retails shops all over the country.

Currently, we are still developing other products such as wallets, notebook or cases for other accessories.



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