Boom Bluetooth stereo true wireless earphones

True Wireless system for serious music lovers Earphones specially developed for those who do not want any compromises between quality music playback and true wireless technology. Earphones are equipped with powerful and crystal-clear 14 mm diameter audio drives, even though regular earphones on the market use only 6 to 8 mm diameter drivers as a standard. Furthermore, the FIXED boom earphones are also fitted with a subwoofer to make the sound results absolutely perfect.



Lasting comfort during long listening to music is achieved with 3 sets of silicone earplugs. 2 earplug sets of different size are especially suitable for sport activities guaranteeing perfect ergonomics and comfort without losing contact with the environment. When running or doing other sports, you can keep in touch with your surroundings when the volume is set correctly. On the contrary, the third earplug set is designed to completely isolate you from the ambient noises so you can fully concentrate on the perfect sound of the FIXED Boom earphones.


Enjoy freedom without annoying wires coming in your way and without fear to move away from your Smartphone. The biggest drawback of most true wireless earphones is frequent interruptions and short range of the antenna. That's why we've integrated enough high-performance antennas into the earphones therefore the music experience would not be disturbed by the lack of signal stability.



  • a 14 mm diameter audio converter ensures excellent sound quality (competing products typically 6 to 8 mm)
  • an integrated subwoofer for real bass sound
  • perfect ergonomics for both leisure and on-the-move listening (ideal for sports)
  • 3 sets of silicone earplugs: 2 sets of different size, 1 set for isolation from ambient noises
  • rechargeable case with built-in battery
  • total capacity: up to 14 hours of operation
  • Fast charging - 80 % of the battery capacity is recharged within 1 hour
  • quality microphone for convenient calling (left earphone)
  • special integrated antennas ensure an exceptionally stable connection between the earphones and the Smartphone itself
  • earphone control - play, pause, next track, voice assist activation, dialling of the last called number
  • automatic connection to the phone after removal from the case, automatic shutdown and charging after closing in the case
  • charging the case with earphones in via a microUSB cable


Bluetooth version 4.2
Range at least 10 m
Frequency band 1,402 - 2,480 Ghz
Earphones battery capacity up to 4 hours of continuous operating
Rechargeable case capacity up to 10 hours
Total capacity up to 14 hours
Standby mode up to 100 hours
Charging time 3 hours maximum
Case dimensions 48 x 90 x 33 mm
Earphones dimensions 30.2 x 26.7 x 26,97 mm
Total weight 72 g
Earphones weight 7.8 g
Battery type Lithium-ion battery


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