EGG2 Headphones with microphone

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Earphones fixed EEG2 are compact, light and they are perfect for listening to music daily. You will have them always by you, in your pocket or a backpack and thanks to their practical cable organizer there is no tangling at all. They are boosted by a high quality and clear sound, which can be appreciated by all music fans. You can use a practical multifunctional button on the earphones cable for a comfortable manipulation of your music player. FIXED EGG2 will become fast your universal and trusted helper.

Tuned sound

Tuned sound

Do you like strong bass or prefer short and clear pitch? Earphones FIXED EGG2 manage to play all your favorite songs in a high quality. Just connect earphones to the device or your music player and you can fully enjoy your favorite playlist.

Universal comparability

Attach a gold-coated 3.5 mm connector to any audio devices. You could be listening music from your phone, MP3 player or watching a movie on your notebook totally undisturbed.

Fit perfectly

Earphones FIXED EGG@ fit perfectly. They are designed exactly for the shape of your ear and they fit comfortably for a long period of time. You get use to them easily and they become quickly your friend while you are listening to music daily.

Built-in microphone

You don't need to worry that listening music will be interfering your incoming call. Thanks to the built-in microphone you can take care of everything easily with no problems. Just press "recieve" button and you can start talking.

Easily portable

You appreciate the compact earphones size for every day usage. Plus you find a practical organizer for .......... Thanks to it you don't need to be bothered about untangling earphones after you take them out from your pocket or backpack.


Sensitivity 106 dB
Connector 3.5mm jack
Waterproof IPX3


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