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FIXED practical universal holder is ideal for holding your smartphone in your car. Holder over the competition offers quick set up your phone thanks to an ingenious system of lateral grip handles. They enclose automatically when the phone is inserted into the holder, thereby inserting the phone into the cradle FIXED matter of seconds. The holder is adjustable through a full 360 ° with attachment to the windshield via suction cup. It also enables easy connection to the charger and the audio cable into the embedded device.

The beauty is in simplicity. And in speed. You do not waste any minute with complicated fixture of your phone and trying to find an optional location with an universal holder FIXED FIX2. You manage everything with just one hand and in couple of seconds. Your phone will be secure even if you go off-road.

Quick insert with one hand

FIXED FIX2 got rid off uncomfortable settings via different screw and turning mechanisms. Simply stretch out jaws provided with soft foam fillings {so your baby will not be scratched}, insert the phone and press gently. This way you activate the special button which releases the jaws and the lock the phone in. It is fast, comfortable and secure.

Removal the phone with only one hand

Also you can manage the removal of your phone with only one hand. By pressing belaying buttons one the sides you stretch the jaws and with the same hand take the phone out. No complications, no problem.

Wide range for wide interference

Thanks to the wide range outlaying and to the lower jaws fixated by screwed mechanism, the holder adjusts itself a wide range of phones and mainly your needs. The joint mechanism on the shoulder of the holder enables a rotation in an angle 360*, and also rolling up and down, to the right and left in an angle up to 20*.

Holds as nailed

Fasten FIX2 on the windshield with the help of a sucking disk. It is a quality and verified, so your phone holder and your phone with it hold as nailed down in the car.


Rotation 360°
Phone width 6,5 - 8,5 cm


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