Fix3 Universal smartphone car mount

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FIX3 is a universal holder for mobile phones in the car. The holder can be stretched up to 90 mm. The minimum range is 60mm. Snap through is 8 cm long leg glass easy. It can be due to adhesively attach the disk on the dashboard. The handles are fitted with soft artificial coating and thus the device is gripped very well threaten him scratching. This is a very cleverly designed bracket.

Even a small holder achieves big things. FIXED FIX3 is light and compact, at the same time. It also holds securely a phones with bigger diagonal.

Quick insert with one hand

It couldn't be easier. Eject the right part of the jaw to the side with your hand or directly with your smart phone and insert the phone. Stretched jaw draws back by itself thanks to the spring mechanism and fixate firmly your phone. That is it. Do not worry, the jaws are covered by a foam filling, therefore your smart phone will be in the holder as comfortable as in cotton candy.

Holds as nailed

Thank to the sturdy sucking disk FIX3 holds greatly on the windshield or on the dashboard as well. Choose the place which works for you the best and fix3 will take care of everything else.

Wide range for wide interference

The active holder area and so the range of the jaws is 60 - 90mm. FIX3 is able to hold safely all phones with this width range. The joint mechanism ensures the rotation option in a range of 360* and an inclination in a range 40*. In short it is enough for you to find an optimal turning position.


Phone width 5-9 cm
Rotation 360°


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