FixM2 Universal magnetic holder

Magnetic holder introduces a practical, discreet accessory for holding your phone in the car.Its installation is very easy and quick. There is a sticker on the bottom part which is used for holding magnet to the dashboard. Parts of the packaging are two metal chips you have an option to choose from, which will suit you better. If you use a protective phone case, you can just insert the bigger chip between the phone and the case. The second option is the self-adhesive chip, which you stick it on the back of your phone or GPS navigation. Than you can just put the phone to the baseline, which you fixture into ventilation grid. And here off you can go.

Elegant and discreet

Elegant and discreet

The magnet diameter is only 38 mm, thus it is discreet and very elegant in the car interior. The baseline has a round joint holder which enables to set up your phone in any angle. The self-adhesive chip and a sticker are highly adhesive to your dashboard, therefore they hold even the larger phones safely. In case you need to take off without leaving any marks. You do not need to worry that by using the holder your phone or car interior would be devalued. The magnet alone and its magnetic field do not affect the functions of the phone or GPS navigation as well.


Magnet diameter 38 mm
Rotation 360°
Smaller chip proportions 32 x 32 mm
Bigger chip proportions 65 x 45 mm


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