Icon Flex Mini Magnetic Holder

The FIXED Icon Mini miniature magnetic holder solves the problem of how to comfortably, easily and above all safely use a mobile phone in a car. No more tickets for holding your phone to your ear - thanks to the Icon Mini holder, your phone will always be at hand and in sight. Compared to standard large holders, it saves space on the dashboard, does not obstruct the view and does not require any complicated adjustments. The swivel head of the holder allows you to rotate the phone to the ideal position. Using this magnetic holder is intuitive and addictive. Just place your phone near the Icon Mini holder and the magnets do all the work - it will not move an inch. Taking the phone off the holder is just as easy. You will love the FIXED Icon Mini at first sight.

Compared to other standard holders, we have developed the Mini version of the FIXED Icon holder so that it does not take so much space on the dashboard yet still retains the extra firm grip when holding the phone thanks to the neodymium magnets. We have come up with a functional and unobtrusive design that will not disturb the interior of your car. Simply attach the holder using the extra strong 3M tape on the dashboard and it is ready for use. Preparing your phone is just as easy. Stick the extra thin metal plate included in the package on the back of the mobile phone, or you can insert it between the phone and the cover and you are all set.

Sit in your car, place your phone near the Icon holder - “click” - and you are ready to go. Quick and as easy as it gets. No more wasting time with complicated attaching as with clamp holders. That is why the magnetic holder is so popular, it saves your time and nerves. Plus, the valuable space on your dashboard. The swivel head of the holder allows you to easily adjust the angle of the phone so it is clearly in sight.

The never-ending search for the car charger cable that lies tangled somewhere under the dashboard. No more - thanks to the FIXED Icon holder. You can easily attach the charging cable to the cable holder on the Icon base and have it always at hand. And when the battery icon flashes red, you know where to reach.

  • Car dashboard mini magnetic phone holder
  • Allows comfortable and safe use of your phone in the car
  • Extra strong neodymium magnets offer perfect stability even in case of the most severe shocks
  • Universal design for different types of smartphones
  • Safe mounting to the dashboard using the 3M tape
  • Swivel head for adjusting to the ideal viewing angle
  • Smart detachable charging cable holder
  • Two extra thin metal plates that can be stuck to the back of your mobile phone or inserted between the phone and its cover
  • Czech design: The FIXED Icon holders were developed in cooperation with the leading Czech design studio NOVO.
  • Package contents: FIXED Icon Flex Mini holder, cable holder, 2 x metal plate (diameter 40 mm)


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