Powerbank 2500 Powerbank 2500 mAh

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It's almost as big a credit card and weighs only 48 grams and is able to hold your mobile device like a tick. Mainly, however, it provides enough power precisely when you need it. FIXED backup battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh is the perfect travel companion. Use the adhesive suction cups snap the PowerBank on your phone. LED provides accurate information about the state of charge and the included Lightning adapter ensures compatibility even with Apple devices (MFIs certification).

Big as a credit card

Big as a credit card

Power bank fixed is almost equaled with its size to a credit card. Thanks to that it can comfortably fit into your pocket or to your bigger wallet. It's weight is only 48 grams, therefore you will not even notice it.

For all mobile devices

It is only up to you, what you the energy use it for. You can charge all brands of mobile and smart phones. Built-in microUSB cable ensures a connection with mostly devices, added microUSB - lightning adapter takes care of recharging Apple devices {without MFI}

Easy usage

Only one diode. Nothing more is needed. Attach the charging cable to the phone and LED diode informs you about the charging status. To recharge the power bank battery takes 2 hours.

Smart sucking disks in a packaging

Thanks to the sucking disks you do not need to worry about gripping the spare battery. Sucking disks can be attached to most surfaces and ensure a firm connection between a power bank and your phone.


Capacity 2500 mAh
Weight 48 g
Dimensions 98 mm x 62 mm x 7 mm
Charging time 2h
Input 5V DC 1000 mA
Output 5V DC 1000 mA


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