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The Bluetooth tracker FIXED SMILE tracks your personal things. It will alert you if you leave your wallet in the restaurant. Or it will show you the last saved location of your lost keys. And it can do a bunch of other things.

You know that feeling. Oh my God, where is my wallet? Or this one: Damn, I cannot find my keys. So this is over. FIXED SMILE guards the things you care the most. It will prevent your heart from beating like crazy and keep your mind in peace. Just throw an eye on SMILE app and you now exactly, what is happening.

It guards the things you love

  • SMILE Bluetooth tracker permanently tracks your personal things using your phone and SMILE smart app.
  • By double-clicking SMILE button, you can easily find your lost phone. It will ring for you.
  • SMILE is beautiful to touch and look. You will always love to see it and hold it again.
  • SMILE will not pull the money out of your pocket every year. Once the battery is dead (after the year or so), you can easily replace it by yourself.


For one or multiple devices

For one or multiple devices

Just after your sign-up and pair your first SMILE, we will connect your account with your device. If you sing in using those registration details to any other phone or tablet, you will multiply the searching power.

If your primary phone will disconnect from SMILE and the second one will be withing the range, SMILE connects to it. It works for iOS as well as the Android devices. The SMILE switch between two major OS with easy.

Safe zone and nightshift

Do you want to be notified about each SMILE connection and disconnection? No problem. Just turn on the special alert. Since the signal strength may vary based on both location and condition, we added for your the safe zones and night shift feature.

Your flat, office or house could represent a safe zone. Once you enter the specified area, the app will mute all alerts. If you leave the area, we will activate the notifications again. With all active alerts, you never miss any connection or disconnection.

The night shift feature prevents your phone from displaying any SMILE info during the specified time through the night.

Safe zone and nightshift
Smart notifications

Smart notifications

Choose the way you want to communicate with your SMILE. It could be either strong or silent communication. Take the first way, and the SMILE app will let you know about each disconnection and thus protect you from losing stuff.

You can also keep the app working in the background and check the status on demand. The app will show the last saved location, so you always know, what should be your next steps.



Dimensions 36x36x5mm
Android 5 or later
iOS 11.0 or later


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