Smile Wallet Smart wallet with tracker

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Your wallet will be under your watchful eye all the time thanks to the Smile Motion tracker that is hidden inside. You easily pair Smile with your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth and everything is ready. You can ring your wallet at a click in the application. Or it will show you the last location of the wallet on map. It will alert you if you go away from it or it will set off the set alarm as soon as the wallet moves. Your credit cards and money will be safe as they have never been before because Smile wallet is on watch instead of you.

Motion sensor is on watch instead of you

Motion sensor is on watch instead of you

One moment of inattention and the wallet that was in front of you in the cafeteria is gone. Smile wallet can prevent the situation. After the motion sensor is turned on, Smile will automatically set off a loud alarm if someone moves the wallet. At the same time, it will send an alert to your application so it can protect you from distance.

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Material Leather
Size 10x7cm


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