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Light, easy to store and always ready to use it for taking the best pictures. Exactly, that is a selfie stick FIXED Snap Mini. Thanks to the minimal proportions you can easily hide it in your pocket and go on your trip. The universal selfie stick construction is suitable for all phones with width 5 - 8cm. Attach the phone to the stick, connect 3.5 jack to audio connector a you can comfortable take pictures. Just press the button trigger on the selfie handle. It is possible to eject the selfie stick up to the length 30cm for a wide snapshot and taking pictures with friends.

In your pocket or handbag

In your pocket or handbag

Are you leaving on a trip or to the town without heavy bags? Would you like to snap a couple of selfie pictures? Snap Mini easily can be hidden in your pocket or a handbag and off you can go! Folded selfie is only 15cm long and it's weight is only a couple of grams. In compare to a classic selfie stick it is only a half size. You can have it handy at all times, wherever you go.

Universal usage

Our pocket selfie stick is perfect for all phone brands on the market. Selfie tongs can be widen up to width 8cm and it is suitable for devices with bigger diagonal. You can turn your inserted phone into any angle, thus your pictures will be always perfect.

Remote control

Say goodbye to complicated adjustment while taking pictures with your smartphone. Just connect Selfie stick Snap Mini to the phone with 3.5mm jack connector and a practical button on the handle button takes care of taking pictures and to trigger to video as well. No complicated charging or the stick set up, just connect to the jack and you can start taking pictures.


Length 15-30 cm
For phones 5-8 cm
Size 15 x 4 x 2 cm
Remote control 3,5 mm jack


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