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Soft Slim Case with Dušinky

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A soft case from a new collection called the Souls. The author of the theme is Czech painter and graphic artist Dušana Rapošová. Unmistakable and characterful big-eyed dolls are quite typical for her paintings. They will bring you into otherworldly places where fairies dwell and all the colourful fantasies are possible. The case is made of high-quality synthetic leather with a special lacquer finish to provide long-lasting protection for your mobile phone for many years. Light weight and thin design of the case make it ideal for wearing in your pocket or purse. It fully protects your phone from scratches, falls and other dangers. The case is equipped with a pull-out system for easy removal of the phone and with Velcro fastener for securing the phone. The FIXED Soft Slim Case with the Souls design protects your phone while giving it a unique style. Just choose the right size and theme.

Compatible sizes


Vnitřní rozměr:
142 x 73 x 8,1 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
144,0 x 74,0 x 8,5 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
147,0 x 83,0 x 9,7 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
154 × 77 × 9,2 mm


Material: PU Leather
Closing: Velcro


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