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Soft Slim Elements Case

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Stylish phone case sewn with love in Prostějov. An extra-thin case stands out for its light weight, but provides sufficient protection to your phone against mechanical damages. The case is handmade using high quality and durable synthetic leather with varnished finish, to the touch unrecognisable from genuine leather. The case is equipped with a pull-out system - removing of the phone from the case cannot be easier. It is equipped with a Velcro closure and it's ideal for wearing in your pocket or purse.

  • high quality synthetic leather
  • handmade
  • pull-out system protecting against spontaneous opening
Wallpapers for your mobile

Wallpapers for your mobile

Match up your phone with your FIXED case! Download one of the stylish motifs of the new Soft Slim case right into your smartphone. Wallpapers are versatile and each pattern is available in three different sizes.


Dice 1 / Dice 2 / Dice 3
Grey Dice 1 / Grey Dice 2 / Grey Dice 3
Triangles 1 / Triangles 2 / Triangles 3
Rainbow dots 1 / Rainbow dots 2 / Rainbow dots 3

Compatible sizes


Vnitřní rozměr:
142 x 73 x 8,1 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
144,0 x 74,0 x 8,5 mm


Vnitřní rozměr 160 x 78 x 8,3 cm


Vnitřní rozměr:
147,0 x 83,0 x 9,7 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
154 × 77 × 9,2 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
168,0 x 88,0 x 8,0 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
122,0 x 63,0 x 9,9 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
119,0 x 50,0 x 12,9 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
125,0 x 66,0 x 8,5 mm


Vnitřní rozměr:
137,0 x 70,0 x 7,9 mm


Material PU Leather
Closing Velcro


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