FIXED Camera Glass for Apple iPhone 12 Mini

FIXED Camera Glass for Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The FIXED glass to protect the camera lens on your phone is a practical addition to the cover and display glass to completely protect your device. This will prevent the camera lens from being scratched and reduce quality of your photos and videos. The glass is made exactly 100% transparent and does not affect the final quality of the photos Thanks to the black Flash Anti Glare, the frame of the FIXED glass does not distort the photo with light noise when shooting with lightning, as with conventional protective glass. The package includes everything you need for easy installation.


– tempered protective glass camera on a mobile phone

– maximum camera lens protection

– covers the entire camera part, including the flash

– Flash Anti Glare: does not reduce image quality when shooting with flash

– protects against scratches and dirt

– 100% transparent – does not affect the quality of the photos

– minimum thickness not exceeding protective covers

– easy installation