FIXED Sense, Duo Pack-black + white

FIXED Sense, Duo Pack-black + white

FIXED Sense is a revolutionary multifunctional tag that guards your personal belongings while serving as a programmable controller for your smart home. This smart pendant works as a Bluetooth locator, which in cooperation with your phone protects and monitors everything you need-keys, wallet, backpack and anything else. In addition to the classic locators, it also offers a temperature, humidity sensor and a pair of programmable buttons that you can use, for example, to control Phillips Hue smart lighting. You can set everything according to your ideas in the smart FIXED SMART application on your iOS or Android device.


Are you constantly losing and forgetting important things? Pin Sense to your keys, wallet or other personal items and you can ring a smart pendant at any time using the app on your phone. It alerts you with a loud ringtone or a discreet flash. It can also sound if you move away from the Bluetooth range of the thing to be monitored and, for example, point out a wallet forgotten at home on the table when you leave for work.

The motion sensor, when activated, alerts you with an alarm and notification on your phone whenever the pendant moves. All you have to do is put Sense in your luggage or attach it to a bike or motorcycle, and every time anyone moves with the thing, the app on your phone will alert you. It can also record motion changes on a disconnected Sense and track exactly when the tag was moved.


Sensors hidden in the smart Sense tag inform you about the ambient temperature and humidity when you turn on the measurement in the application on your phone or tablet. Set the ideal interval in which the values should move and Sense will notify you if the set values are exceeded. For example, it guards the ideal temperature in your bedroom or makes sure that the flowers in the living room do not suffer from the dry air. Sense records the measured values over time and then everything is clearly displayed in the SMART application using a graph.

A pair of programmable buttons makes the Sense tag a revolutionary device. In collaboration with smart lighting manufacturer Phillips Hue, Sense can control individual light bulbs in your home. Working with leading smart home device manufacturers, you can look forward to expanding the range of compatible products in FIXED SMART.

Czech application

The FIXED SMART application allows you to conveniently set, monitor and control all active Sense tags on your device. It is completely developed in the Czech Republic, supports phones and tablets with the iOS and Android operating systems, and is compatible with Apple Watch and SIRI. The application is constantly being improved based on the customer experience, and thanks to automatic updates, the functions of your Sense are continuously improved.

FIXED Sense properties:
-multifunctional Bluetooth tag
-protects and guards your important items
-Analyzes and controls your smart home
-Czech application FIXED SMART

-SMART BUTTONS: to set the control of the Sense functions and the smart home device
-SINGLE/DOUBLE/TRIPPLE/LONG CLICK: a total of 8 adjustable combinations of the number of presses and the left/right button
-RANGE MONITORING: when activated, notifies you if you move your phone away from Sense out of range of
-START BEEPING: after starting in the application, Sense will sound a loud beep
-START FLASHING: after starting in the application Sense discreetly warns itself by flashing LED
-MOTION SENSOR: when activated, notifies whenever Sense moves
-RADAR: shows how far you are from Sense. The closer you are, the greener the radar.
-TEMPERATURE: measures and shows the temperature of the environment in which Sense is used. It monitors the set temperature (s) and warns when the set limits are exceeded.
-AIR HUMIDITY: measures and shows t