Graphite for Microsoft Surface

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Graphite for Microsoft Surface

Active stylus for Microsoft Surface and MPP laptops/tablets

Universal compatibility

FIXED Graphite for Surface will fully replace both Microsoft Pen and Pen PRO. However, you can also use it for tablets and laptops with the MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) protocol - DELL, Asus, Acer, HP, etc.

premium materials

quality aluminum alloy

high pressure sensitivity

4096 levels


indicates status

integrated battery

Li-Pol 90 mAh


via USB-C connector


14,9 x 0,9 cm

Practical magnet for carrying

Use the pen just like the original. Carry it directly to your tablet.

You get used to it really fast

125 / 5000 Výsledky překladu Working with the stylus perfectly imitates the movement of the pen on classic paper. Writing notes and drawing will be more natural than ever.