Graphite PRO

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Graphite PRO

Active stylus with wireless charging for Apple iPad

Designed specifically for iOS

When connected via Bluetooth, you can see the current battery status of the stylus directly in iOS. The control button at the top of the Graphite PRO makes it easier to do your daily work, double-clicking it closes the current app and returns you to the Home screen in iOS.

long endurance

up to 10 hours of work

sleep mode

automatic shutdown when idle


with all iPads with wireless stylus charging support

Palm rejection

A smart feature that lets you keep your hand on your iPad screen. The touchscreen only responds to the stylus tip.

Smart charging

When you're done working, simply clip the stylus directly to your iPad. Magnetic wireless charging ensures it's fully ready to work the next time.

Home screen button

To quit the app and return to the Home screen, just tap the button on the top of the stylus.

Shading control

The Smart Tip can adjust line shading in supported applications by simply tilting the stylus.