FIXED Smile Wallet with Smile PRO, brown

FIXED Smile Wallet with Smile PRO, brown

Hand-sewn minimalist wallet made of the highest quality cowhide, which easily fits in any pocket and is safely supervised by modern technology. Inside you will find enough space for up to 8 credit cards or documents, a few banknotes and a pocket with a smart Bluetooth locator Smile PRO, thanks to which you will never lose it or forget it at home.

Genuine Leather

The Smile Wallet is a Czech product that is created completely stitch by stitch in the Prostìjov sewing workshop with a long tradition. Handmade, emphasis on quality and precision and genuine cowhide give rise to a wallet that will serve you faithfully for many years. Smile Wallet is made of the highest quality genuine Italian Torcello leather, is fragrant and pleasant to the touch, and over time it matures like wine. Thanks to genuine leather, the wallet acquires a unique patina, which emphasizes the character of the natural material and creates an original piece from each product.

Smile PRO watches for you

Unlike the classic wallet, the FIXED Smile PRO Bluetooth tracker is hidden inside the smart Smile Wallet, which will take care of its safety. Smile PRO will alert you if you forget your wallet on a table at home or in a restaurant, help you find your lost wallet and protect against theft when the motion sensor is on. Just pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 and in the FIXED Smart application you will always have an overview of where your wallet is located with one click. Your documents, cards and money will always be nicely supervised. With Smart Smile PRO trackers, you can also equip your other personal belongings, such as keys, backpack, handbag and more, and have everything under control conveniently in one application.

Smile Wallet Features:

– leather minimalist wallet with smart tracker Smile PRO

– hand sewn with love in Prostìjov

– material: quality genuine Italian cowhide Torcello

– each piece has a unique look

– over time it acquires an unmistakable patina

– ideal pocket size

– two pockets for banknotes and credit cards

– smaller pocket with smart tracker Smile PRO

– made completely in the Czech Republic

– wallet dimensions: 10 x 7 cm

Smile PRO tracker features:

– monitors and monitors your wallet using a Bluetooth connection

– you have everything under control in the FIXED Smart application for iOS, Anrdroid and Apple Watch

– Smile PRO uses Bluetooth 5.0 – high signal range and low power consumption

– anti-theft protection – integrated motion sensor alerts you when Smile PRO moves

– finds a lost case – you can easily ring your lost wallet with your phone

– last location – on the map in the FIXED Smart application you can always see the location of Smile PRO

– warns of a forgotten wallet – when disconnected from the phone, Smile PRO will call itself

– mutliconnection – Smile PRO can connect to up to three devices at once

– location sharing – you can share Smile PRO location with other users

– polyphonic ringtones with strong enough sound

– safe zone and night mode functions without unwanted notifications

– replaceable battery lasts up to a year of full operation

– discreet size and precise processing

– OTA update: the firmware in the tracker is constantly evolving and remotely updated together with the FIXED Smart application

– FIXED Smart application is completely developed in the Czech Republic