Mini nabíječka PD 30W

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Mini nabíječka PD 30W

Minimalist USB-C charger


Small, fast and versatile

One charger for all your devices. USB-C with PD Rapid Charge and 30W of power can charge your smartphone, tablet and smaller laptop. Fast, efficient and safe.

extra power

30W with Power Delivery 3.0 support

universal use

for phone, tablet and 13" laptop

minimalistic dimensions

3 x 3 x 6,8 cm

Always at hand

Pack the charger easily into your bag or backpack. Always ready to replenish energy wherever you need it.

Really versatile

With one charger, you can easily top up the battery in all your devices for a normal day. Phone, tablet and smaller laptop.

Small body, big power

We love minimalism, our FIXED Mini chargers are truly "pocketable".

Safely and quickly

The high performance of the charger is protected by safety circuits against short circuit and overload.