FIXED Full Cover 2,5D Tempered Glass for Nokia 3.2, black

FIXED Full Cover 2,5D Tempered Glass for Nokia 3.2, black

High-quality FIXED Full-Cover tempered glass with full-surface adhesion ensures maximum protection of your mobile phone display. It will prevent possible damage in the form of cracked or scratched display. Thanks to the 2.5D design, the glass covers the entire display area right up to the edges. The advantage over conventional 2.5D glass is adhesion to the entire surface of the phone display, so the glass fits perfectly and does not form maps. It also has better touch sensitivity. The package includes everything you need for its easy installation. With FIXED Full-Cover glass, your phone is fully protected from impacts, scratches and dirt.

– Tempered protective glass for mobile phone

– 2.5D – covers the entire area of the display to the edges

– Adhesion over the entire surface of the glass

– Thickness: 0.33 mm

– 100% transparency

– Oleophobic structure against fingerprints

– Better touch sensitivity than conventional 2.5D glass

– Tailored to the particular phone model

– Easy installation without air bubbles

– Very easy to clean

– Maximum display protection