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It is not possible to connect a mouse or keyboard after the last iPadOS update.

The problem can be solved by updating the firmware of the HUB itself. Above the link you will find the update program, including instructions and the new firmware version. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form in the "Contact support" tab. We will be happy to help you with the update.

Does it support jack input and microphone?

Yes, you can also use the microphone when plugged into the audio input

Plugging the HUB into the iPad and then plugging headphones via the 3.5 jack into the HUB will lock out any volume control.

In this case, this is a limitation of the iPad, not a defect of the HUB. For other tablets or laptops, everything will work as standard when the HUB is connected.

Is it possible to connect a monitor through the USB-C connector on the HUB?

The USB-C connector in this case is for data transfer only, it is not possible to connect a monitor through it. Only the HDMI connector in the HUB can be used to connect a monitor.

Is it possible to use the HUB and power a laptop or tablet at the same time?

Yes, you bring power to the USB-C connector in the HUB and then connect the HUB to your device. In case you connect multiple peripherals to the HUB, e.g. monitor, hard drive, keyboard, etc., we recommend that you always power the HUB for proper functionality.

After the HUB is connected to the computer, "USB has been removed" is displayed.

Please make sure that you use a USB cable to connect the hub to your computer for data transfer and not just for charging.

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