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More about the product

Is this product suitable for other brands than Apple?

The main charging area is designed primarily for iPhones 12 series and above that feature MagSafe technology. You can only charge other brands of devices when using MagPlate. Any device with wireless charging support can be charged on the secondary surface. The watch charger cutout is exclusively for the Apple Watch charger.

What is a suitable power supply for the MagPowerStation?

When using adapters with USB-A, the power will not be maximized. For maximum performance when charging multiple devices simultaneously, we recommend a 65W PD-enabled adapter, with a minimum of 40W. A 1m cable with USB-C to USB-A termination is included.

Is a charging adapter included?

Adapter not included.

What types of phones is the MagPowerStation suitable for?

MagPowerStation is suitable for all types of phones that support MagSafe technology. In other cases, the purchase of a MagPlate is required for compatibility.

Which headphones can be charged via MagPowerStation?

Any headphones with wireless charging support can be charged via the MagPowerStation.

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