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SENSE shows the wrong position

The Smart app takes location data directly from your phone. Accuracy is mainly influenced by the strength of the GPS signal and the surrounding environment. If SENSE shows a location a few metres off, this is not an error or a defect.

Do I need to have the Smart app on in the background of my phone?

Yes, the app still needs to run in the background to still work with the tracker.

When pairing, the app says that SENSE belongs to someone else, how should I proceed?

In case you have access to the account to which the SENSE tracker is connected, on the main page of the application select the tracker you want to delete, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and select the "delete device" button from the menu. If you no longer have access to your account, please contact our support. Attach the unique ID of the tracker to the disconnect request, which can be found in the same place in the settings.

SENSE wants a password when pairing, where can I find it?

Always pair SENSE only via the FIXED Smart app. In this case, no password is needed.

How do I set up the sharing feature?

In the app, select the SENSE you want to share, then click the settings icon in the top right corner. Next, select "Manage Sharing". Enter the email of the user you want to share the SENSE with, select the period and click share.

How do I move the order of connected SENSE trackers in the app?

In the app's "My Devices" section, click and hold SENSE and simply move it to the desired position in the list.

How do I send a diagnostics file (LOG)?

In the FIXED Smart app, under "My Devices", select the settings icon and then select "Send Support Inquiry". This will send your query to our support including the required diagnostics file. In the text box, please always describe in detail what problems you are having with the tracker or app.

The Smart app takes much of the power out of your phone

The percentage of app usage always depends on the comparison with other apps. Unless you use other apps more, Smart visually gets a higher percentage of usage compared to other apps, due to the fact that it is always running in the background and is therefore more often active.

Why does the Smart app have to run in the background all the time?

The application must be running at all times in order to keep the tracker connected and continuously check its position or movement.

The Smart app turns itself off after a certain period of time.

If you don't use an app for a long time, the phone system may consider it inactive and close it. In this case, you need to set an exception in the battery saving settings for the Smart app to prevent it from quitting on its own.

How do I find the ID (identification number) of my tracker?

In the Smart app, click on the desired sensor, then click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and in the "Device Information" section you will find the ID, which is usually in the form XY:XY:XY:XY:XY:XY:XY.

What is the purpose of connecting my own phone as an additional device?

If you select your own phone in the "Add device" section, this turns your phone into another tracker. You can therefore, for example, share your location with your loved ones without using the tracker itself.

Why does the battery drain more when using the FIXED Smart app?

For the app to work properly, Bluetooth must be switched on at all times and the app must be running in the background. This of course has an impact on battery consumption, but it is the only way to keep the app "in sight" of your stuff at all times.

When you switch from an old app to a new one, the app or device doesn't work.

Please make sure you have uninstalled the old FIXED SMILE app from your phone and enabled location services. Otherwise, the app does not have sufficient rights to function properly. We are very sorry, but we cannot control this phenomenon from the app side.

The password reset button is not functional.

If you are unable to reset your password directly from the app, please contact our support. We will reset your password manually.

I can't "ring" my phone with the pendant, the double-click doesn't work.

First check that your phone is not in silent mode or that the ringer is not muted. If this is OK, make sure you have "Enable notifications" or "Notifications" enabled in the app's rights settings. Also check the functionality of the tracker itself, whether the mechanical button responds to a press with a blinking LED or an audible signal.

Tracker beeps when it shouldn't

The tracker beeps when the phone is disconnected or when it moves (if you have the motion sensor turned on in the settings). First, check that your phone is not quitting the Smart app due to long periods of inactivity, for example. If this is the case, set an exception in the battery settings for the app to prevent it from quitting on its own. Then check that the motion sensor settings are correct, or set up safe zones if you don't want to be disturbed.

Can I monitor the location remotely e.g. of a dog, a car, a child...?

A dog, car, or other object cannot be tracked remotely. It is possible to track another person's location via the sharing function, provided they also own a phone.

What is the reach of the tracker?

The reach of the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, through which the tracker is connected, is stated to be up to 240 m in open space depending on the surrounding environment. Obstacles can significantly reduce this range.

What is the battery in the device and how do I replace it?

The device contains a CR2032 battery. To replace it, carefully open the tracker at the hole on the corner of the tracker and replace the battery with a new one. Be careful not to damage the inside of the sensor.

I own multiple FIXED trackers, but only some of them actively connect

Although our app doesn't limit the number of Bluetooth devices connected, the number of devices is usually limited by the phone itself. Please check first how many devices can be connected at the same time on your phone. In case the number of all connected devices does not reach these limits, and you still cannot connect all trackers at the same time, please contact our support.

The tracker periodically disconnects.

In the case of regular disconnections, the operating system itself is usually to blame and the settings need to be adjusted. In this case, please make sure your phone is set up correctly. TIP: If English is not an obstacle for you, you can find very good setup guides on

What is a safe zone?

The Safe Zone has the same function as the Night Mode, except that it does not apply to a time period, but to a specific location within a radius you specify, or to a specific Wi-fi. For example, if you set up a safe zone on your home Wi-Fi, once you connect to the Wi-Fi, you will not be disturbed by notifications about connecting or disconnecting the tracker. For SMILE and SMILE Motion models, the safe zone does not apply to the audio notification of the tracker itself.

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