FIXED Pin with Case, black

FIXED Pin with Case, black

FIXED Pin is a practical helper for every smartphone or tablet owner. It clarifies and simplifies the operation of the touch screen and simplifies all activities on the touch screen – drawing, writing, editing photos and more. Every movement of your hand and pressure on the screen will be perfectly copied and work With the FIXED Pin stylus, you’ll immediately fall in love with the hardened polyacetal tip to reduce friction when you touch the screen, so you’ll feel the same as when you type on classic paper. The stylus transfer is a ready-made practical case that you can stick to the cover or directly to your device thanks to the adhesive base, so it will always be handy. the battery lasts up to 5 hours of continuous operation, after discharging you replenish the energy with the enclosed m icro usb cable.


– active stylus for touch screens

– clarifies and simplifies work on a tablet or phone

– suitable for all types of touch screens

– hardened polyacetal tip with a width of 2 mm for precise work with the stylus

– reduces friction of the tip when touching the screen imitates the classic writing on paper

– compact size (110 x 9.5 mm)

– automatic switching on / off of the stylus when removed from the case

– battery life: up to 5 hours

– charging with connected micro USB cable