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Pad for wireless phone charging

The FIXED Pad universal charger is the ideal choice for safe wireless charging of our smartphone or other device with wireless charging support. So, you can say goodbye to tangled cables of standard chargers, using the FIXED Pad is convenient and easy. Simply place your phone on the charger and thanks to the induction, the wireless charging starts immediately. The wireless pad supports fast charging of modern smartphones, it can charge with power of up to 10 W and thus reduces the charging time. Therefore, it fully replaces standard mains charger and frees you from having to connect annoying charging cables to your phone. For safe charging, the FIXED Pad has built-in short-circuit and overvoltage protection and also features smart Foreign Object Detection function. This function detects if you accidentally place an object other than your phone on the charger, immediately interrupts the charging, alerts you with a warning flashing and thus prevents damaging your phone or charger due to overheating.

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Icon Flex Mini

Magnetic Holder

The FIXED Icon Mini miniature magnetic holder solves the problem of how to comfortably, easily and above all safely use a mobile phone in a car. No more tickets for holding your phone to your ear - thanks to the Icon Mini holder, your phone will always be at hand and in sight. Compared to standard large holders, it saves space on the dashboard, does not obstruct the view and does not require any complicated adjustments. The swivel head of the holder allows you to rotate the phone to the ideal position. Using this magnetic holder is intuitive and addictive. Just place your phone near the Icon Mini holder and the magnets do all the work - it will not move an inch. Taking the phone off the holder is just as easy. You will love the FIXED Icon Mini at first sight.

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Boom Pods

True Wireless Earphones

The FIXED Boom Pods earphones in a modern ergonomic design offer perfect music production and complete freedom thanks to the fully wireless stereo listening.

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The quality of the product for a brand FIXED is decisive. We try to ensure by a thorough testing, especially with our own development and manufacturing. Our sewing manufactory is located in Prostejov and here in a city with a long clothing tradition the modern, practical and highly durable cases for phones, tablets and notebooks are being made.

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