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Universal smartphone car holder

The universal FIXED Gravity holder is a practical accessory for holding your mobile phone while driving. The holder is designed to be attached to the ventilation grille, the stylish design in a combination of silver and black fits perfectly into the car’s interior. Inserting the phone into the holder is easy and fast, you can do it comfortably with one hand. Thanks to the gravity mounting system, the clamps of the holder close themselves with the weight of the phone and hold it securely. The phone can be removed just as easily. Using the swivel joint, you can rotate the phone in the holder so that it is clearly visible. The inner padding of the holder clamps keeps the inserted phone fully safe. The bottom of the holder clamps leaves free access to the phone’s charging port. The package also includes an extension with 3M tape, with which the FIXED Gravity holder can be attached to the dashboard.

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Handlebar holder

The universal FIXED Bikee holder is the ideal accessory for attaching your mobile phone to the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle. While cycling, the phone will be clearly visible and allow you to use GPS navigation, sports applications or a music player. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the holder is suitable for all possible types of phones with a size of 4 - 6.5 inches. Fixing the phone in the holder is quick and easy, the silicone loops safely secure it against all shocks caused by cycling. The rotary base of the holder allows you to rotate the phone to a horizontal or vertical position.

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The quality of the product for a brand FIXED is decisive. We try to ensure by a thorough testing, especially with our own development and manufacturing. Our sewing manufactory is located in Prostejov and here in a city with a long clothing tradition the modern, practical and highly durable cases for phones, tablets and notebooks are being made.

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