Custom production

Make a lasting impression on your business partners, clients and employees. Bet on personalized luxury leather accessories made of genuine Italian leather, which were born in our Prostějov workshop.

Production of leather products tailored to your needs

We have been manufacturing FIXED leather products in our workshop in Prostějov since we bought it in 2014 and each of our products has found its satisfied customer. Thanks to the quality materials, handmade production and careful control, our Prostejov products are the right luxury for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other important things.

Premium materials and quality

We have chosen the highest quality Italian Torcello leather for our cases from proven suppliers. Thanks to the properties of genuine leather, the case does not age, but matures. Over time, it acquires a unique patina and each piece becomes an original and unique accessory for you or your business partners.


Each of our premium products can be customized to your needs. We engrave or emboss logos, quotes or simple images on the products.

How to do it?

Just contact us using the form below. You will be contacted by our sales representative, who will advise you on the selection and the extent of personalisation.

Non-binding request

Selection of products with the possibility of custom production

Explore our range of leather products that can personalised for your needs