Smart locators with Apple Find My support

Finding your wallet and keys has never been easier. With FIXED smart locators that are compatible with Apple's Find My network, you'll always have your stuff under control. Millions of iOS device users around the world can help you. Just add your Tag to the app and everything else is a breeze.
How to?

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1 Add a device to the Find My app

Did you get a new Tag?
Just long-press the button and the app will find it for you.

Then just name the Tag and add an icon to easily identify it on the map.

How does the search work? Tag automatically reports via its secure Bluetooth signal to all devices that use the iOS operating system. The data is then stored in iCloud from where it is transcribed to the map in the app.



2 Set up notifications

You can easily set specific notifications for each Tag.

Do you want your phone to notify you that you’ve left your wallet somewhere, but don’t want it to happen every time you run out of the apartment with the trash? You can also set a notification for when Tag moves away from you.

The app has various options to personalize your notifications.

Looking for Tag somewhere in your neighborhood but don’t see him? Select the “ring” option in the app and Tag will call you.

Tag can also be reported lost, so it will automatically show the finder a message personalized by you with the contact.

3 Unlimited number of devices

It doesn’t matter how much of your valuables you want to protect.

Add an unlimited number of Tags for each of your valuables.

Plus, you can share the location of each Tag with up to five people.

Keep an eye on your stuff without fear for your privacy. Of course, all your data is secure, all your data is anonymous, the data of the users who have so recorded in their area is also anonymous and the data is not stored anywhere.



The ideal companion for guarding and searching for keys, backpacks and other objects, just attach the carabiner and your valuables are protected.

The tag is made of hardened materials and you don't have to worry about moisture with IP66 certification. The battery lasts up to 12 months, and is easily replaceable, so one device will last you for years.

FIXED Tag Card

Smart locator in the shape of a credit card, fits perfectly into your wallet, purse or other luggage, which are then always guarded.

Tag Card can be wirelessly charged, one charge lasts up to 3 months. The card's durable hardened plastic processing and IP67 certification protects the card from moisture and dust.

How to use smart locators?

Check out the short video.

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