FIXED Boom, black

FIXED Boom, black

True Wireless for true music lovers
Headphones developed for those who don't want to compromise between music quality and truly wireless technology. We have equipped the headphones with powerful and crystal clear audio converters with a diameter of 14 mm, although true wireless headphones generally use converters with a size of only 6 to 8 mm on the market. In addition, we equipped the FIXED boom with a subwoofer chamber to make the sound completely perfect.

Great ergonomics
Comfort for listening to music for a long time is achieved with 3 types of silicone plugs. 2 different sizes of plugs, which are excellent especially for sports, guarantee perfect ergonomics and comfort without losing contact with the environment. When running or other sports, you can stay in touch with the environment when the volume is set correctly. The third earplugs, on the other hand, are designed to be cut off from ambient noise so you can focus on the perfect sound of the FIXED Boom headphones.

Unusual stability
Enjoy freedom without wires without being afraid to move away from your smartphone. The biggest disadvantage of most true wireless headphones is the frequent interruptions and short range of the antenna. That's why we've integrated powerful enough antennas into the headphones so that the great music experience wouldn't be hampered by lack of stability.

-True Wireless-fully wireless Bluetooth headphones
-audio converter with a diameter of 14 mm guarantees excellent sound quality (competing products usually 6 to 8 mm)
-integrated subwoofer chamber for real bass presence
-perfect ergonomics for listening at rest and in motion (ideal for sports)
-3 types of silicone plugs, 2 sizes, 1 model for suppression of ambient noise
-Rechargeable case with built-in battery
-total endurance up to 14 hours
-fast charging-80% of the battery capacity is charged within 1 hour
-quality microphone for convenient telephony (left handset)
-Special integrated antennas ensure an exceptionally stable connection between the headphones themselves and the smartphone
-headphone control-play, pause, next song, activate voice assistant, dial last number
-automatic connection with the phone after removing from the case, automatic switching off and charging after closing the case
-charging the case with headphones via microUSB cable
-Fixed Boom headphones were made in cooperation with Supertooth and Interphone product developers, Bluetooth technology specialists

Technical details:
-Bluetooth version 4.2
-range: min. 10 m (depends on obstacles)
-frequency band: 1.402-2.480 Ghz
-headphone battery life when playing music: up to 4 hours
-Charging case capacity: up to 10 hours
-total endurance: up to 14 hours
-standby mode: up to 100 hours
-charging time: max. 3 hours
-housing dimensions: 48 x 90 x 33 mm
-headphone dimensions: 30.2 x 26.7 x 26.97 mm
-total weight: 72 g
-handset weight: 7.8 g
-Battery type: Lithium-ion battery