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Boom Joy

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Do the headphones need drivers when connected to a PC?

For connection and proper functionality with a PC, it is necessary to have the correct codecs installed, or Bluetooth adapter drivers if the adapter itself requires them. The headphones themselves do not need any additional drivers.

Is it possible to connect the headphones to a laptop or computer?

Laptops usually have Bluetooth integrated, so there should be no problem with the connection. In the case of a desktop computer, you usually need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter.

The headphones do not turn off in the docking station.

Please make sure your docking station is fully charged. If the docking station is empty, the headphones will not detect that they are already in the dock and will not be switched off.

The headphones are not charging even though the dock is charged.

With the new package, the headphone connectors are resealed with protective foil. Please check that you have removed the foil before use.

Do the headphones have an IP protection?

Our headphones are not IP protected.

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