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Suction pad does not attach to the glass and it keeps dropping.

“The surface of the glass must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with example industrial alcohol prior to attaching the holder. Firstly, place the suction pad on the glass, and then turn the lock ring clockwise until it stops. If the suction pad has been clogged with dust, it can be easily washed with lukewarm water. Then let it dry in the air.”

Can the magnet damage my phone in some way or erase data?

No, the magnets used in phone holders are not strong enough to have a bad effect on the phone.

Does the metal plate on the rear cover stands in the way of wireless charging connection?

If the plate is not placed directly on the spot where the wireless charging coil is, it should not have any bad impact on the functionality.

Will a phone equipped with a wireless charging coil hold on a magnetic holder?

In this case, it is not possible to guarantee the phone will hold on a magnetic holder properly. For attaching the phone, we recommend using the metal plates that are included in the package.

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