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Did you know that... a secondary surface can be used to charge the phone in addition to the primary surface? This makes it possible to charge two phones at the same time.

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What power supply is suitable for this wireless charger?

The FIXED Powerstation comes standard with a 1m USB-C to USB-A cable in the box. For charging Apple devices, we recommend using an adapter of at least 18W (iPhone wireless 7.5W, Airpods wireless 5W, Apple watch charger to USB-A port 5W = 17.5W). Recommended charging standard for QC 3.0 adapter. In case you want to achieve the full power of the Powerstation, you need to use a adapter with a USB type C - USB type C cable and power of at least 30W with Power Delivery standard.

It interrupts Apple Watch charging, it is always necessary to disconnect and reconnect the charger for the watch from the Powerstation.

This problem is caused by an unsuitable adapter. To resolve this issue, use an adapter that supports Quick Charge 3.0.

Does this holder work with iPhone 12 mini?

Yes, the Powerstation is functional with this model, however, you must support the phone with an object approximately the size of a pencil to ensure that the charging coil is positioned at the correct height.

Is a charging adapter included?

Adapter is not included.

Is this product suitable for non-Apple devices?

The main and secondary charging surface can be used for other brands of devices. The watch charger cutout is exclusively for the Apple Watch charger.

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